About Us

Monir Jalili, is the President of InstantFigure, Inc. DBA PRODOGG™. I’ve been in the fashion industry for over 30 years.
As an avid lover of animals, especially dogs, I always wanted to find a way to comfort these furry family members from anxiety and stress caused by separation, sirens, fireworks, and veterinary visits. It seemed like my only option was to fill my pup with drugs, or restrain them in uncomfortable places. It occurred to me that by making shirts for dogs using my compression fabric, was the best solution.
Our R&D team has worked extensively to provide the best design and fit for your pet. A world leading compression manufacturer, combined with extensive fit testing on dogs of all sizes, translates into comfort and effectiveness that none of our competitors can come close to.
They Key Element of the PRODOGG™ is our Fabric… The Magic is In the Fabric™
The PRODOGG™ compression shirt for dogs was created (patent pending). My shirt offers a safe, comfortable, and always hugging alternative, relieving their anxiety and stress caused by many circumstances. It has a unique design that provides gentle, snug pressure around the torso, without harmful wiring or hook fasteners. The breathable, antibacterial, anti-odor, soft fabric not only won't irritate your pet - it feels natural and is easy to slip on and off.
With love and support, along with a PRODOGG™ compression shirt, your dog will be on their way to a happier life. PRODOGG™ compression shirts are so comfortable, they can be worn all day, every day. They are machine wash and dry.
The PRODOGG™ compression shirt will HELP calm and soothe your pup, even in the most stressful circumstances.
"I am proud to say We design and manufacturer all PRODOGG™ compression products in California USA
Monir Jalili
Founder/ Designer, PRODOGG™